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Min; are you in the UK? Seems odd that you can't access the site. By the ISP block list, I mean does your ISP provide a family filter, and if so do you subscribe to it? Because it has happened occasionally in the past with the Mail being added to family filters, also to DNS family filters, due to some of the content being deemed too graphic for youngsters to view. Strange, but true.

In light of recent events, and some of the images displayed on their site I can actually see why this could have happened - not saying it's right, but some of these filters can be sensitive to picking up stuff like that. Just a theory, seems odd that it's happened in this past week.

If you have CCleaner installed you could clear your DNS Cache and try the site then - maybe you already did that? Re-boot your system? Is it just the Mail, or are there other sites blocked? ... or, as jim suggested, is one of your extensions somehow blocking just that one?

Can't really see why it should be blocked, I have no problem accessing it at all.
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