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I agree with v.laurie.

I wouldn't touch old drivers as you could create a major problem if you get it wrong.

Here's some basic info to help you understand the issue:
  • Some driver installs remove all old files but it is more likely that some files remain. It all depends upon what the device driver developer has implemented.
  • There is no easy way to manually remove old driver installs. If you try to do it yourself you are likely to create inconsistencies which might cause more serious problems for your system.
  • You can often rollback to an older driver. You can check this in the device properties in Device Manager. If their is a button with "Roll Back Driver" then a previous install remains available.
  • Since Vista the installed driver package is kept in the Driver Store and remains available to be reused.
  • The driver image files stored on disk may still be used for other purposes such as shared components. This is unlikely to be the case for the touchpad.
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