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I don't know what happens to the old driver, but I guess since the new driver has been installed, the old one does not matter, and certainly shouldn't interfere with the new one.

I agree with Vic.. don't bother about finding old driver and removing it.

Although ideally, it's advisable to first uninstall the old driver, and then install the new one. But sometimes, that cannot be possible, because often, after uninstallation of a driver, restart is required, and chances are that Windows will again automatically install the driver, if the driver is present in Windows itself. So, over the top can be done too.

I have read about several users complaining about the touchpad driver on Lenovo laptops. Read an issue about it on some other forum too. Atleast yours is solved by installing the generic driver from Synaptics. The other user didn't even had luck with that.
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