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Originally Posted by J_L View Post
It's still available here, so get it while you can:
Thanks J_L, but if you see the page, it is the office 2014 version. Only the title of the page, which appears in the browser tab says office 2013, but it is quite misleading.

Kingsoft Office 2013 however, can be downloaded from here:

Although the page is for Writer only, and similar pages for Spreadsheets and Presentation are there, but the download offered on all three pages is for Office 2013.

Currently downloading that.

In this version, individual Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation can be installed separately, or selectively, during the installation, which is also an advantage.

It is quite a shame, however, how Kingsoft have taken away this important feature of saving files in docx, xlsx, or pptx formats from the free version.
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