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Originally Posted by Remah View Post
Microsoft has an article on how to do this:
Connect two computers using a crossover cable
Thank you for the link. This method works in a very limited sense and the problems I had earlier, trying to connect to 'Home Group' (My thread "How can I transfer data between my 2 computers: 8th December 2014: "General Computer Support"), is repeating again with the Crossover Cable. That is why I got TeamViewer at that time and it gives unrestricted access to either computer. I got the crossover cable to see whether it is possible to get the same unrestricted access using a crossover cable instead of TeamViewer.

Also, the Microsoft article that you referred me to, says "This works best if both computers are running this version (WIN 7) of Windows or Windows Vista". So, right now I don't have much hope of success.

Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I guess what she means to say is that, because she will transfer all important material from one computer to another, they will have identical material, and therefore, she can work on any of the computer... without having to turn on the other one, in case she needed a file (which will be the case now).
That is exactly what I meant Anupam!

Originally Posted by Ritho View Post
Melita, you probably will want to look at a file synchronization program that will automatically keep your two computers in sync.
Thank you for this. I'll have a look at it later. I am trying to see whether everything in the two computers can be sent back and forth at will, using the crossover cable. It seems to be just wishful thinking at the moment!

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