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Default Driver questions

I have a two-year old Lenovo laptop. Runs Win7 very well. My only complaint has been a somewhat finicky touchpad (Synaptics). My drivers were up-to-date per Lenovo's web site. However, last month I decided to go to Synaptics web site and download a newer version of the driver for my touchpad. I did so, and installed it via the method described below. All has gone well, and the touchpad has improved from a functional standpoint. But I'm curious...what happened to the former Synaptics driver that was on my system prior to my installing the new one? Was it automatically deleted when I installed the newer version? If not, should I do some digging around in my system to try to find the old driver files and remove them?


How I updated the Synaptics driver:
- Went to Synaptics website and downloaded the driver for Win7.
- Saved zip file to Desktop.
- Extracted zip file and saved it to desktop.
- Accessed Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices>Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad>Driver tab>Update driver>Browse my computer for driver software>Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer>Have disk>(in the install from disk window)Browse>locate folder from step 2>select WinWDF subfolder>select X64 subfolder>SynPD.inf>use next buttons to install (and ignore warnings about not being digitally signed)
- Device manager now shows new driver being used for the Mice and other pointing devices.
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