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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I use Chromium with Pepper Flash rather than Google Chrome so can't offer anything from experience. All I can say is there are quite a few Chrome\flash issues listed on the web for 14.04 so maybe try Googling for something that matches your own setup.
Thanks MidnightCowboy; well it seems to be the problem with old hardware because my Intel I5 2400 3.8ghz cpu with ubuntu 14.04 works great with ESPN3 in google Chrome
Well i also have Firefox and it runs great with it,the reason i don't use Firefox all the time because of add-block not enabling video streams in sites like firstrawsports without disabling the addon future,and i know there is a way of setting
block element but i can't figure it out,with Google chrome is so easy to do,
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