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win-8 (64bit)
shell: classic-shell

yandex-alpha build
  • vs: 14.10.2062.12544 beta (b1e5447)
  • files reside in: users\appdata\local
the yandex.exe file downloads from: … size of file: 97.1mb
install (splash-screen) options:
  • offers to install yandex [utilizing default browser parameters]
  • help improve yandex services

yandex-alpha installs (quickly) … last window before program launches … asking user to choose their "default browser" (preferences).

several extensions come packaged/bundled with yandex:
  • tools:
    1. lightshot* (takes screenshots (*.png format))
    2. turn-off-the-lights* (darkens browser page for video viewing)
    3. turbo (loads page quickly)
  • syncing:
    1. evernote-web-clipper* (saves interesting info…)
    2. lastpass* (passwords/forms manager)
    3. backs up stuff (as stated)
    4. pocket* (save stories, videos, webpages for later viewing)
  • internet security:
    1. block flash banners and videos
    2. site-reputation* (web of trust)
    3. adguard*
all bundled extensions are disabled … up to user to invoke.
downloaded abp from with no issues … enabled automatically.

first webpage i brought up was google (search engine) which appeared quickly. second webpage i brought up came up inordinately slowly … this webpage did not contain many media/images/server-calls. each successive web-page (different domains) seemed to load quickly.

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