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Default Grub for dummies

How do you resolve this:

Dual installation - XP and Linux Distro. After install, you end up with:

a) Xp is seen in Grub, but when you choose it, you either boot in Linux or you get a blank screen
b) XP is not seen in Grub at all

Tried solydx and LMDE. Solydx crashed 4 times during installation. solydx not so solid after all ... It went well after the fifth try. Look a)

LMDE installed on the first try. Look b)

At the end, I used fixmbr and fixboot to get to XP, but I have taken XP installation disc out just at the time when comp was deciding should it boot from disc or not. So I have restarted it - and lost access to hard drive. After a couple of resets and looking into BIOS I shut it down and started it again - and all was fine.

So, could somebody give me step-by-step instruction what to do if a) and b) occur during my next try with Linux Distro?

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