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The image you posted is slightly different to the one I see. Where yours says VKontakte, mine says Facebook - and I don't have the check box at the very bottom for Facebook Notifications. It's got to be a regional thing. But at least you got it working without a full install, which may or may not be the reason you say some things aren't right.

I don't use VK either but I'm sure you won't have any problem finding English speakers on there, and if you prefer it to Facebook or whatever, then - bonus.

Tableau is a word that can be used to describe a nice looking group of objects, in this case the tiles with the background image, and I think that's why they've chosen to call it that. It's not the data software you refer to. Speed dial in Opera, Tableau in Yandex. Same thing really.

I'm fine with the built in mouse gestures but good to know you can override them as you describe, with an extension, and there are keyboard shortcuts;

I don't reckon you'll have much of a problem customising Yandex with the addition of more extensions. I've come across a couple that don't work but that may change in future versions of the browser. These browsers aren't for everyone but I like it and I'm using it a lot. I just like the look and feel of it. And seeing as how I'm using a Beta version of a Chinese anti virus I thought why not take a punt and throw a Russian browser into the mix. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Seems ok to me, so far.
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