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It seems like I did get the russian version? I actually just downloaded the installer file, opened it in 7-zip and dragged the browser-bin folder out of it and launched the browser without installing anything :S Like I said, I like portable

Though I have been playing around on VK for a hour or so, I like it more than facebook. The radio is nice touch and no ads even though I adblock them in fb, I like how they aren't there by default. VK looks cleaner overall, now I have to find english speakers on there.

I guess I'll try this out a bit before writing it off, even without the portable version.
Is there a guide to the mouse shortcuts? I mean to customize it. I found the guide here but I don't like some of it.

And what is Tableu? I get that it is the dial boxes, but I thought the software itself was like excel, for database work
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