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Ah, VKontakte. That's the Russian equivalent of Facebook. No sign of it on the version I'm using - wonder if you somehow got the Russian version download? If I do a search for 'VKontakte' in settings search it points to the Notification Settings, but when I open them it's Facebook - no mention of VKontakte.

Also, in the version I'm using, Yandex search isn't even listed as a search engine option. Google, Yahoo UK & Ireland, Bing, Ask Jeeves are listed for the default choice, but no Yandex. Everything is in English. I'm guessing a regional thing? .. sounds like what you're describing is the Russian language version of the browser.

Anyway, never mind. Cleared that up - the dating site thing.

If I do come across a portable version I'll post it here. Although, maybe not much use if it won't run sandboxed for you.
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