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Default Lucky Me, Win7 solved.

Hi guys;Today I had a Lucky day i solved my Win7 Stuation and only spent 50 Bucks,i went to town and i decided to enter in one of the Pawnshops in the area,
and in the shelf i noticed an HP Laptop just like mine except color was Black,while mine is dark silver,and it has Windows7 Home Premium,although it came from Factory with Win Vista, the previous owner must had replaced the Win Vista with Win 7,still had the win Vista Logo sticker on it, the Mod.# HP Pavilion DV-6 1259DX, 6 GB Mem everything else is same of HP DV-5 1254,it had a couple keys taped up with scotch tape, and battery was dry, What was no big deal i already repaired those easy.
Well story short, i saw the price tag and it was marked as it is, 100.00 US
dollars, as always i argue price on Flee market stuff i buy, i offered 50.00 dollars, i did not think that they would let it go for that much but for my surprise they said Yes, if you i pay the Taxes which were only 3 bucks,i was so happy because the Laptop works great the win 7 is fast, doesn't have all that crap they install at the dealers, is fast to boot it's 5 times faster than the Win vista that i had in the other HP DV5,this was my best find and purchase ever. Thanks everybody for trying to help, for you all have a Merry Christmas.
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