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Anupam; ..... yes, when I downloaded and installed it I had read, same as you, that it was an Alpha version. But once installed I opened the 'About' page of the browser and it shows it as Version 14.10.2062.12544 beta. So, I thought maybe an update. I'll dig around a bit and see if I can find out more.

As for the download size, yes, agreed, it's on the large size, and once installed it's massive - 441 MB. But I'm working on the theory that this early version is like Opera Developer which, when installed, is bigger then the Stable version. So with the Opera/Yandex connection I'm thinking this will be the same in the Final version - that it'll reduce in size.

They're trying something different here so I don't expect it to be plain sailing right from the off. All I can say is that as a browser it works very well and, so far, I haven't encountered any real issues. There's a lot packed into it so perhaps that accounts for some of the file size. Maybe minimalistic UI's are going to come at a price.

Compare the size of the old Opera 12 to the new 26 - huge difference. Maybe they work on the thinking that everyone has a large amount of disk storage space these days.

So everything inflates MC, not just Russian prices and interest rates. The rouble is in free fall and their economy may be on the verge of a catastrophic collapse but - they're still giving away free Web browsers! Might be best to grab a few before they start charging for them

Seriously though, I do like the look and feel of this browser. Everything runs nice and smooth. I like the tabs at the bottom. The start page Tableau tiles are neat and compact. I think that maybe there's a bit of the innovation here that I've been kind of missing in Opera, design wise.

A bit more of a write up here;

Comments at the end make for interesting reading, no URL bar etc.
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