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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post

A few more questions please; correct me if I am wrong.

1. If I create the disk image of WIN 7 in it's own HD, I can trasfer that to XP using Teamviewer.

2. I am also going to try this, using the Ethernet crossover cable. Using an externel HD could be even slower for this purpose because it uses a USB cable instead of a Crossover cable. Please see the attachment. This is some information I pickedup on Ebay. I don't understand it fully but from the lottle I do, some of them looks pretty fast to me. Here is the link to the full page:

A1. Your Win7 HDD image is likely to be tens of GB in size, for example my C: drive is over 60GB not including personal documents etc. ...I do have a lot of programs etc. installed though!
I doubt very much if Teamviewer will be able to reliably transfer such a large file.

A2. Ethernet transfer speed will be dependent on the speed of the ethernet ports on your PC's, whichever is slowest.
As for USB, again speed depends on which version/s you have.
I suspect that your XP machine will have the slower hardware so that will be the limiting factor.
Either way, disk imaging can be a slow process however you choose to do it.

Here is a very comprehensive list where you can compare the various device bit rates that are available....lots!!
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