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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
If I understand correctly, if you use a crossover cable, it won't simply provide a direct link between your PC's, you will still need to be able to successfully configure a network connection between your XP and Win7 operating systems, something I know you had problems with previously, hence the need for you to resort to using Teamviewer.

I wish you good luck with it though, and please let us know how it turns out.
I always collect as much information and guidance as possible, before I do anything that I am not familiar with, so that I don't end up messing up everything. I have learned a great deal and avoided many pitfalls because of the help I always get in this forum. The least I can do is to post the results here and I certainly will.

TeamViewer is a complete success (network connection between the 2 computers), but creating the 'workgroup' was a failure - I could see Winows 7 In XP but not vice versa. Teamviewer gives unrestrited ccess (which Homegroup does not, even if I was successful)), bothways. So, I am better off without Homegroup.

A few more questions please; correct me if I am wrong.

1. If I create the disk image of WIN 7 in it's own HD, I can trasfer that to XP using Teamviewer.

2. I am also going to try this, using the Ethernet crossover cable. Using an externel HD could be even slower for this purpose because it uses a USB cable instead of a Crossover cable. Please see the attachment. This is some information I pickedup on Ebay. I don't understand it fully but from the lottle I do, some of them looks pretty fast to me. Here is the link to the full page:

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