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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
I don't know how fast is the transfer of file over the LAN with crossover cable, but I suppose, that it will take quite long for files of large size, and image file can be of a large size, depending on what size of disk you image, or how much you image.
What would you think if I use Cat5 or 6 crossover, all copper cable. I have been reading up a little on their speeds. I will be imaging only the operating system as protection against Hard disk failure. I back up files on a DVD regularly.

Originally Posted by Sope View Post
So have you now been successful in setting up a network connection between the two PC's via ethernet?

As Anupam says, by far the easiest and most reliable way to save and store backup images of your PC's would be to use a portable external HDD, or at a push, a large USB stick.
I have got TeamViewer but I like to play with gadgets. Hence, the idea of getting a crossover cable to pay with!

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