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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
1. When copying files, are my computers connected to the TeamViewer web site (they must have some way of knowing if this is being used by unscrupulous people for commercial purposes, without paying)?

2. Do you think it uses my Internet bandwidth?

3. With "Remote control", would I be able to connect with a friend's computer in another country?
Hi Melita, the program has the option to control remote another computer, you can use it for connecting to your friends computer in a different country. I didn't disable internet when testing the program but you can do that to see if you still can transfer files after doing it. But I would guess an internet connection is required for two computers to connect with each other. When computers are connected, probably TeamViewer knows the IP of the computers that are using their service but I doubt they have access to the files that you transfer. Otherwise, this program wouldn't have as good a reputation as it does.

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