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Melita, by "available networks" I think you are referring to wireless networks that XP is picking up. That's not where you connect to a Homegroup/Workgroup. I don't use this feature myself but it's not hard to understand how it works. I searched and found a Microsoft document on how to share between Windows 7 and XP. Just go to this site and click on the red box labeled 'Download'. You will be given a choice to download a document in xps, doc or docx format. If you don't have a program that can open doc or docx files then choose the xps format (which is Microsoft's equivalent to pdf). Your Windows 7 system comes with an xps Viewer. Just double-click the xps file to open it.

The document may look long and daunting but don't let that worry you. Just stick to the parts that pertain to Windows 7 and XP and read and follow them carefully.

I see that you are referring to the "Key", modem and WEP, etc. Once again, it's not the same as connecting to your wireless network. Just follow the Microsoft document and you'll be fine.
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