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Originally Posted by bo.elam View Post
Some time ago I heard of this program called TeamViewer, its free for non commercial users. And I have been planning on trying it on my two computers. Read the PDF (you ll see it on the right side), it mentions file transfer. Let me know what you think and if it looks like what you want, I ll try the program out and see how it is.

Thanks Bo, but I think this is too heavy for me. BuckSkin's idea is what suits me.

Originally Posted by BuckSkin View Post
I am far from being remotely close to knowledgeable about computers; but, if I understand what you are wanting to do, I believe what you are needing is to set up a "home group" or "work group" LAN network.

I just blundered through this procedure a few days ago and, much to my amazement, actually got it to work.

No hardware whatsoever was necessary and not a nickel was spent.

I just searched the web for "setting up a home network" and gathered the info I needed from several sources, both you-tube video and typed tutorials.

I managed to get three computers communicating with each other, able to go into either of the computers from whichever one I am using and find/use whatever file or image I am needing.
You are right. I think this is what I need. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I managed to set up a 'home network' connection in Windows 7. It appears in my list of available networks but with some other icon (which I don't know), instead of the signal strength icon.

I don't even know whether this is properly set up. When I click 'connect', it shows 'connected', 'waiting for users' and the signal strength says 'fair', So it must be OK. Anyway, I have to configure my XP now to connect to Windows 7. I tried this but was unsuccessful. I must be a bigger dumbie than you are, although you don't sound dumbie at all to me!

My 'home group' is already setup in WIN 7 but I don't know whether it is a LAN connection. I have to learn to do that and then get my WIN XP to join the group. That much I have gathered from the Internet. I spent about 5 hours on it and got nowhere. So I have to wait for some help.

Thank you for taking all the trouble to write such a lengthy explanation.


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