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I am far from being remotely close to knowledgeable about computers; but, if I understand what you are wanting to do, I believe what you are needing is to set up a "home group" or "work group" LAN network.

I just blundered through this procedure a few days ago and, much to my amazement, actually got it to work.

No hardware whatsoever was necessary and not a nickel was spent.

I just searched the web for "setting up a home network" and gathered the info I needed from several sources, both you-tube video and typed tutorials.

I managed to get three computers communicating with each other, able to go into either of the computers from whichever one I am using and find/use whatever file or image I am needing.

I also set up our single printer as a shared item between all three computers.

Our main computer is a HP desk-top with Windows 7, another desk-top is an ACER with Windows XP Media Center (which I recently found is capable of doing all sorts of neat things), and the third is a HP lap-top with Windows 7.

I have no idea how I went about accomplishing this feat, but if a dumbie like me can find the info and do it, anyone can.

One thing I will point out, whichever computer you want to remotely access MUST BE ON; it won't work if the computer that has the information you are retrieving is turned OFF.

There are plenty of people on this site that can walk you through this.
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