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Default Is my PC finished or can it be saved?

I'm working on my laptop now as my pc seems to have been infected with something. A couple of weeks back i noticed it wasn't turning off no matter how long i left it to shutdown and had to a hard shut down. I made a mental note to look at it and carried on. Shortly after it stopped opening some programs (although my browser still worked), so i tried to run malwarebytes and comodo and neither worked, just sat there with the rotating symbol in front of them going round and round and saying they were opening. So i turned it off (again had to be a hard shut down) and decided to leave it alone until i had a better idea where to start. Started it up the other day to retrieve some work off of it and even windows explorer wouldn't work, just sat there 'opening' for eternity. I tried a system restore which timed out, and turned it off again. How bad is this and where do i go from here??
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