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BuckSkin, you are doing nothing wrong .

It's just that you need to do things a little bit differently.

The sites that you bookmarked were bookmarked successfully. However, when you do a single click on the star, the bookmark goes to a folder, which is not visible when you click on the bookmarks icon.

To see that folder, do this. Click on Bookmarks icon, and then "Show All Bookmarks". In the Library window of bookmarks that opens, you should see "Unsorted Bookmarks". Click on that. The bookmarks should be there. When you do a single click, the bookmarks go there.

In the Library window, expand the Bookmarks Menu, by clicking on the arrow besides it. You can create folders there, to organize your bookmarks, which is what I do, because I have a lot of them. To move the bookmarks from Unsorted Bookmarks to Bookmarks Menu, just click and drag.

You can also right click, and choose cut or copy, and paste too.

Now, to directly make the bookmarks go into the Bookmarks Menu, next time, do a double click on the star. Then, it will open up the proper bookmarks dialogue window, and there you can even choose where the bookmark should go.. under the main Bookmarks Menu, or into any folder which you created.

I hope it is clear now .
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