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Question FireFox BookMarks

I downloaded FireFox on a spare desk-top last night.

I am not at all familiar with it, so have been playing around with it in between other chores.

I have read some tutorials on how to "book-mark" pages/sites, both by clicking the star and also by attempting to drag and drop onto the book-mark tool-bar; I have also clicked book-mark at the top-left of page and used the drop-down window options to book-mark.

Regardless of what I do, I have not succeeded in bookmarking a single page.

When I click "show all book-marks", I get an empty page; clicking the book-mark folder shows nothing as well.

When I open the book-mark side-bar, it is also empty.

I thought it was supposed to be as simple as clicking that star; alas, it sure isn't working for me.

What am I doing wrong or what have I not yet done to make this work ?

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