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I also used to bash Microsoft earlier hearing other people bash about it. But, when I started to use my head, I began to realize that here I am, working on Windows, using it, and I am still bashing it... why?

I know about Linux, and agree it's a superior system, but why is it that even after being there for so many years, it still lags behind Windows? The problem lies with Linux itself.

There are just too many distros. Agreed that this may be the beauty of free Linux, but the very same thing acts against it too. A new user wanting to use Linux is just overwhelmed by so many choices.. and add to that, different people suggest different distros. Again, even if he chooses one, that might not just work out of the box for him, like Windows does. Given a particular system, chances are, Windows will work out of the box more than a particular Linux distro. Then, there's the issue of drivers, and other alternate programs.

He is asked to post in forums, and for different distros, has to post in different forums, and even there, it's not necessary that he will find the answers, or, even answered properly.

There are so many distros... so many desktops, so many software repositories, and what not. So many Linux distros just keep popping up, and so many keep disappearing. Why is all that?

There should be some kind of standard. If there was, then hardware manufacturers would be willing to create drivers for these. With so much diversion, it's a hassle for hardware manufacturers to create drivers. With Windows, there is no such problem.

If choosing and using Linux was not so hard, more and more people would be using Linux. Why wouldn't they, it's free. But, still, more people continue to use Windows, and pay for it, because it's less trouble using it, or solving issues with it.

Linux might be good, but to be used widely, and gain acceptance, these issues need to be solved.
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