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Thanks for reply Remah but I think we may be talking at cross-purposes. I am pretty good with adjusting printing settings etc. and I don't think the problem lies there. It happens ONLY with pdf files that have been converted to jpg or jpeg. If I use (for instance) Photoshop to convert, the resulting image on my screen looks fine in the Photoshop display or any other program I use to view it. When I print however it has lost some of the side both in print preview and on the actual paper. This happens even if I reduce the whole size of the document so it has a wide border around it. The border will be there but part of the document will be lost. I am sure this is a result somehow of converting from pdf to jpg. I remember reading about it somwhere (can't remember where now) but I didn't see any way to fix it.

Update: The cutting off depends on which program I use to convert the file. However, if I use a converter which does NOT show cutting off when I open it then, as you suggest, the problem IS with the printing options. Not all programs give you a preview or chance to change the settings. However, on ones that DO give this option (MS Photo Editor) then I find unticking "fit image to frame" or similar solves the problem.
Thanks again.

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