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If the jpeg image file displays correctly then the problem is almost certainly with the printing. It could be caused by print setup. Relevant settings might be centering or right-aligning the image, or zooming the image to fit the page.

What happens when you print it using the same method?
If you added a border or increased its size in the image file then it should produce a consequent change when printed. Even if the print output is being centered/right-aligned on the page it would still look different.
What is used to print it at the other end? Does it have a preview and if so does it print as previewed?

Bleed means printing beyond the area that will make up the printed page. The printer then trims the sheet to produce the printed page. They often use large guillotines to do many sheets at the same time.

Bleed is not normally an option in home and office printing because most printers don't print to the paper edge. Or if they do, they don't print to all edges. Also we don't usually trim our printed documents.
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