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Default Antivirus choices for an old offline computer

I have with me old computers having old hardware, like P-IV, with 512 MB or 1 GB of DDR/DDR2 RAM. These computers belong to families I know.

Also, these computer do not have access to internet.

I have been meaning to install an antivirus on these computers... and I am finding that there are very little choices when it comes to computers like these.

These computers have Windows XP on them, and therefore, I cannot install MSE on these, as it requires Windows Vista or higher.

Comodo Antivirus is out of the question, because it's not suitable for general users, and would be bulky too, and it involves use of internet a lot. It does not offer offline definition update too... major drawback.

Panda Cloud Antivirus is also out of question, since a major part of it relies on internet I guess, which is not accessible.

Won't install AVG, as it's a resource hog, and I have always not liked it anyways.

I remember installing Avira on an older PC of mine, and it causing slowdown. It can also be a bit difficult to operate, and add exclusions, and so, I am avoiding it for now. But, it does remain a choice.

Most probably, I will install Avast on both these computers. I already installed it on one PC, but the problem is that this one has only 512 MB of RAM, and so, it's causing a system slow down. The computer boots up slower, and the operations are specially slow on a folder full of exe files.

I was thinking of installing BitDefender Antivirus free on the systems, as it might be lighter. But, there are some problems with this.

First, I think it requires registration, and like Avast, there is no way of performing an offline registration with a license key. If I remember correctly, it involves making an account with BitDefender, which I am not willing to do on behalf of the people having these PCs.

Also, there is doubt about offline definition update with BD AV free. Offline update is available, but it's not clear whether it will work with the free edition or not. Moreover, the download of the definition itself is more than 100 MB.

So, there seems to be a lack of choices for such older offline computers. If anyone has a suggestion for a free AV for these systems, please post.

Or, I might just decide to go without an antivirus for the system with low RAM, since Avast is definitely causing a major slowdown, and although, it will keep the safe, but will interfere with normal working, and cause problem for the users.

Since Avast is causing slowdown, Avira will cause slowdown too. I might give it a try.

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