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This whole page is a virtual tutorial. 'Virtual' as meant in the English language and not in Computer language! This is most appreciated.

Yes Anupam, as Joe says it makes sense to burn the ISO image to a disk than to buy one. I asked about the DVD because I have about 40 of them that I got very cheap and I rarely use them. The reference to Ubuntu CD is in the penultimate paragraph of the write up, as follows:

"If files that big sound too daunting then try one of the many Linux based rescue disks [4]. Many are smaller and simpler to set up; just download the ISO file and burn it to a CD. The popular Ultimate Boot CD [5] for example is an 87 MB download. Usage though can be a little daunting for those not used to the Linux environment but there's an excellent Linux rescue disk guide for Windows users here [6]"

As you recommend, I have decided to get the UBCD because it is much simpler than the building process.

I was under the impression that UBCD is Windows based (as you also probably thought) but the above paragraph indicates that the UBCD is Linux based. Please refer to the bold letters. You say in your post "Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution, but very different from UBCD or UBCD4Win. Am I missing something here?
The quoted paragraph also says "The popular Ultimate Boot CD [5] for example is an 87 MB download" But the website at link No.5 says it is a 597 MB. How come?

Many thanks again for excellent support to all of you.

Kind regards
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