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Joe has already replied to the queries nicely. I will just add a few stuff.

Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
1. Link No. 4 gives an enormously long list of what they call 'The live CD list'. What could these be?
A Live CD/DVD is one which will boot your computer directly from the CD/DVD, without requiring to be installed on the hard drive.

More explanation here:

Linux (a free operating system) are quite famous for offering their OS on live CDs, and therefore, the term has generally become associated with them, but a live CD is considered when an operating system is contained on the optical disc, and can run entirely from the CD/DVD and does not need to be installed to the hard drive.

Windows too can be available as a live CD using tools like BartPE, or Windows PE Builder. UBCD4Win uses the same tools.

Other examples of live CDs are the antivirus rescue CDs, which are quite useful in removing malware from severely infected computers.

Since a live CD is an operating system in itself, and does not require installation on hard drive, a completely different OS can be booted on the computer containing other OS. Therefore, to answer your later question, yes, a live CD containing Ubuntu, or any other Linux OS, can be used to boot the computer containing Windows on its hard drive.

Live CDs can have the option to make changes to your hard drive though. For example, the Linux distributions have the option to install the OS on the hard drive, if you like the distribution.

You can also copy stuff from hard drive to other drives, or copy/move stuff between hard drives using a live CD, and therefore, they are quite useful as rescue CDs, when your computer is unable to boot, or, the hard drive is having problems, and you have to rescue your data from the hard drive.

Some live CDs, like UBCD, or UBCD4Win contain a whole lot of stuff to recover the OS, or perform rescue operations. That's why these have been covered here in particular. These will be easy to use, and pretty much self-explanatory.

Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
2. Link No. 5 (sourceforge) offers direct download of 'Ultimate boot CD'. If I burn this image to a DVD instead of a CD, will it function the same?
Joe, direct download for Ultimate Boot CD is available on the download page, here:

The section below P2P for Mirror Sites offers direct download for the ISO image, via HTTP/ftp.

Melita, as Joe says, rather than ordering the DVD, it's better to just download the ISO image, and burn it straight to a CD/DVD. And for UBCD, you don't even have to follow any building process, like in case of UBCD4Win, and therefore, the downloaded ISO image can be simply burned to a CD/DVD, and will be ready for use. So, that answers your third query.

Yes, the image will function the same whether you write it to a DVD or CD. Only thing is, since the image size is small enough to fit on a CD, if you write it to a DVD, the left over space will be totally wasted. But, if that does not matter to you, you can write it on a DVD.

Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
4. The text of your above article speaks about using an Ubuntu CD. Can an Ubuntu CD boot a computer already with a Windows OS?
As Joe says, cannot find any reference to Ubuntu CD in the article. Will you be particular as to what you are referring to?

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution, but very different from UBCD or UBCD4Win.

Have already answered this query of yours in my first reply. Since a live CD does not require to be installed to the hard drive, so, any live CD can boot your computer irrespective of what is stored on the hard drive, whether a Windows OS, or something else.
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