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Default Creating a bootable rescue disk

I visited your page headed 'How to Create a Bootable Rescue CD at:

At the end of the write up there are 6 links to web pages. The links number 2,3 and 6 are taking you to a different web site.

Could you please explain the following before I venture in to this:

1. Link No. 4 gives an enormously long list of what they call 'The live CD list'. What could these be?

2. Link No. 5 (sourceforge) offers direct download of 'Ultimate boot CD'. If I burn this image to a DVD instead of a CD, will it function the same?

3. In the 'Table of contents' on the left navigation pane of the main page, there is the option to purchase this CD from third party vendors which I am not very keen to do. Are there any trustworthy dealers elsewhere for this purpose?

4. The text of your above article speaks about using an Ubuntu CD. Can an Ubuntu CD boot a computer already with a Windows OS?

[For Ubuntu CD or the UBCD4Win (which also seems a good idea), we need to find the proper links for numbers 2,3 and 6 mentioned above]

Thank you
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