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Originally Posted by Sope View Post
I won't install the CIS AV component either as I'm happy with Avast for now.(Out of interest I may yet consider trying Privatefirewall first but I'm put off by the possibility of a messy uninstall - I've had enough of these to deal with in the past ).
From what I read in your post I would skip Privatefirewall and go straight to Comodo. I say this because I think you will be more happy with the CIS solution and if you have doubts about Privatefirewall to start with this won't fill you with much confidence in using it.

Your right about the AV. Stick with Avast because CIS although greatly improved in detection is still giving quite a few people system problems. The bug reports for the firewall and Defense+ components on the other hand are minimal and nothing Earth shattering anyway.

At install (apart from not selecting the AV) beware the checked settings by default for the HopSurf toolbar and other rubbish which need clearing. Also, if you are certain your machine is malware free don't opt to do the system scan during the install process otherwise it will download all of the antivirus signatures to do this (which takes ages) even though the AV was not selected.

There are a few other settings such as choosing the level of protection and stuff like ARP cache monitoring and I'm not exactly sure how these differ from the version you've got. I'm sure you'll work it out though.
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