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Originally Posted by garth View Post
FF for Android isn't very good.
I installed Firefox for Android yesterday on my mother's tablet, which has Kitkat, and has better specs than my phone. I must say I was pretty impressed with Firefox. It worked well, and seemed much like the Firefox that I love on the PC.

I had tried Firefox on Android back when it was just released, and that time I felt it was really bad. Probably because it was still being developed. I wasn't impressed at all. But now, it looks like they have put serious work into it and it has improved greatly.

I would love to install it on my phone, but I wouldn't because of the install and RAM size, which would be much for my Gingerbread phone, with less RAM too.

Originally Posted by garth View Post
I thought sophos was on demand, just realised after I read this it isn't. I removed it now anyway
Hehe . You were not feeling any lack in performance with two AVs?
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