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Great thread garth .

Here's my list:

ES File Explorer
Mobile Backup III
Contacts Backup
Contacts Backup Lite
+Backup Contacts
1Tap Cleaner
Titanium Backup
Bluebox Security (for occasional secondary scans)
ES Task Manager
Adobe Reader
Terminal Emulator
Music Player (formerly Folder Music Player)
MX Player (must have for video playing. the best)
Solitaire Classic
Heartbleed Scanner
WPS Office
Wifi Analyzer
Next Browser

The four contact backup apps are for backing up contacts in text or csv format, as I do not like the original vcf format.

I used to use Boat Browser earlier, but it got ridden with ads now, and also used to hang a lot. I didn't like Opera Mini, or Dolphin either. Further, had heard permission problems with Dolphin before, so don't trust it that much. After searching the web for best free browsers, got Next Browser, and tried it. Like it so far. It has ads too, but are bearable.

I had tried Firefox before, and didn't like it that time. Don't know how is it now. Want to try it, but it has got a large download size. I suspect it must take more amount of RAM too, which my phone cannot afford. Other browsers have much less size.

garth, do you have two antivirus on your phone, Avast and Sophos?

Jojo, what kind of phone do you have? Seems like you have enough RAM and processor speed to handle all those apps, specially the social ones, which run all the time.
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