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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I can understand that they're disappointing, being larger, but still the difference would mean nothing in performance terms, certainly on most modern machines.

Privatefirewall certainly gives you a lot less feature wise than the new version of Comodo but then again it's much easier to configure so a lot of people would be able to get more from it.

Like garbanzo pointed out yesterday the GUI is beginning to show it's age now which might put some people off. I guess the thing to do is to try it and see how you get on.

The upside of the leftovers at uninstall is that should you re-install in the future it will automatically remember all of your settings and custom rules. I've heard no instances of these leftovers causing problems with other firewall installations unless someone else knows differently.

I'm still waiting for PWI to get back to me because this version is causing a minor log conflict with my USB modem. That said it's not much good if I can only see the incoming traffic so I may even end up back with Comodo myself I did run the latest version for a couple of days after receiving an email from Melih but the AV still has some issues so I removed it. I think though for anyone just running the firewall and Defense+ combination you could hardly find better. It certainly reacted more "crisply" on my system than 3.9. If I put it back I will leave my Avira and A2 where they are and not install the CIS AV. This also means not having the recently integrated BOClean component which I believe is part of the AV module as opposed to CMF which is part of Defense+. Still, the rest of it would be more than adequate for my needs.
Think I might be be doing the same think MC.... back to CIS just using the firewall version with avast. Right now though am running online armor free version and it seems to run nice and crisp and works well with avast. Notice it collects a lot of BAK files though in program files........
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