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Jay Fora
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Default tool to compare 3 folders in different panes, with differences colour coded

Hi,Just discovered I put this question in the wrong forum earlier.
I have a need for a utitlity/tool, that will show me 3 folders, in different panes, with the differences colour coded, and which will also allow me to delete, and move, copy files manually between the panes. I already have a file back up and sync tool that I am very happy with, and this isn't what I need for the folders I have in mind. I have win 7 64 bit os. Does anyone here have such a tool they can recommend please?
If not then one that does it for 2 folders might be ok.

I have looked on this site, and on the web, and tried a few, but no luck so far and decided to ask here with the hope of wasting less time.
Regards, Jay
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