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I like playing around with desktop deisgn and user interfaces. What you see below is based on a free tool called "Rainmeter" (thet we have reviewed here:

The Rainmeter skin used here is called "Neon Space" and can be found here:

The cool thing about rainmeter skins is that you can easily adjust them once you have learned about how to use their .INI files. You can find great documentation about it on the Rainmeter website. It was a lot of fun to adjust this one to my liking.

This is a Windows 8.1 desktop with hidden desktop icons and an auto-hide taskbar. The rest is a wallpaper and the adjusted Rainmeter skin mentioned above. Several areas and objects of the Rainmeter skin are clickable, thus, starting applications and such. So the task bar or the desktop are not needed anymore to launch programs.

In case you are wondering where to get the wallpaper, the one you see here is actually an animated wallpaper for Stardocks "Deskscapes" which is a commercial product I use. So in fact, the planet and the sun you are seeing there are actually turning. But any other space related free wallpaper will work just fine with the Rainmeter skin.

I have added a second screenshot with just a black background so you can clearly see what elements the Rainmeter skin provides.


Best regards, George
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