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Default Been busy...tryin to keep updated

Im in the US and its 4am here so Im gettin to bed but had a few things to say and questions before I hit the sheets.

I downloaded the CC cleaner just to see what kinds of things it would pull up and on the first scan it showed 150MB of junk files. I dont know if that is considered alot...but theyre gone now. As far as CC goes though...I can see a lot of file names coming up that I have no idea what they mean...I dont want to delete anything that could cause serious problems so is there anything I should keep an eye out for? Also, there seems to be alot of configuration setting for the CC Cleaner and I was wondering if there is any particular way I should set this up to gain optimum performance as well as not messing anything up.

I am including a multiple screenshots of my first TreeSize scan so you guys can get an idea of how my space is being used up and give me some pointers on how I can free some space up without damaging anything. I am seeing many users on the computer, but when I actually go into the folders...there are folders that Treesize is showing are there...but are apparently magical because I cannot find them anywhere. I hope the screenshots I have provided are sufficient enough for you to make an evaluation and walk me through deleting these users files. They must be previous owners of the computer...because I have never heard of them

I am now going to bed but will be looking forward to you're future posts. You may have added a couple while I was writing this as I've been in and out for about 2 hours.
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