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Drew... space left on the drives, can be seen in the My Computer window. You can see both the used space, and the free space.

Since you are that concerned about hard disk space... please download CCleaner, it will get rid of the junk on your system, and free up space.

Next, you should download TreeSize or WinDirStat. They will give you an idea of the space being used on the hard disk in a nice manner, which will be very helpful for you.

To be able to burn DVDs, you do indeed need a DVD burner . Then only you can. By backing up, I meant backing your important documents, music, videos, files, and folders. Backing up of the whole system might not be of use, because using that, you cannot restore your system, or cannot install the OS again.

One option would be to make a disk image of the hard disk, but I would advise against it, since you are not sure, if you have virus on the system or not... second, there are multiple OS on the computer, and they will also be included in the image. Third, we don't what's the size of the used space... and so disk image may be pretty large. Also, you don't have a DVD burner .

Don't be too concerned about the other OS on the system. First you need to make sure there are no malwares or virus on the system. And, defragment your hard disk. Then you should move further. Take it easy .
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