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Default About the ther Opeating Systems...

I'd have to reboot to check but they're other versions of windows.
I am running Windows XP Pro.

I asked how to remove them because I wonder how much space is being compromised that I could be using...

Regarding backing up my computer... I dont have any of the original disks and have no idea how to backup my computer. If it involves writing info on a cd my computer is capable of that but is very slow at it....

If it involves writing on a dvd, my computer doesn't even read dvd's. I have read up on some writing software on here...could I download dvd burning software and make it work? Or do I need to buy a dvd burner??? <---- not important but food for thought

I want to free up as much space as I can on here.... Im assuming deleting the unused OS's would do this? Also, is there anything I can look up in my computer that would tell me exactly "how good" my computer is running or just have a good idea of how much space I have left to mess around with??

As far as the recommendations from MC... Will downloading that firewall interfere at all with the current windows one? I read somewhere on here if you have multiple firewalls it can really screw up your computer.

Thanks guys!

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