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MC, I have seen you write many times, that you don't like file-cleaners. In case of registry cleaners, I will agree with you, that I too don't like them, because they don't improve the performance of the system, neither help in freeing the disk space... and moreover, they can damage the system.

This is not so in the case of file cleaners. There are many file cleaners out there, and some of them are not safe. But, CCleaner is the safest file cleaner, and you should definitely try it. You will be surprised, how much junk it will clean off your system. I have seen old systems, that had never been cleaned with any file cleaner, and when CCleaner was run on them, many-many MBs of hard disk space was freed. Now, it won't matter if you have a large capacity hard disk, and if you don't care about the space much. But, on a smaller capacity hard disks, and for people who care about the junk on their systems, file cleaners are very helpful. The temporary files, and the other junk are not much of use anyways, and they should be removed. Some virus and malwares also take refuge in the temporary files, and folders.
So, go ahead MC, give CCleaner a try .

We should not emphasize too much on which disk defragmenter to use, on TheDrewMiller . Its not that important. Important thing is that defragmenters will improve system performance.

I would advise not to use A-Squared at this stage, because there is no WinXP CD to perform recovery or other things, if anything goes wrong. Because of the large amount of false positives from A-Squared, chances are that something might go wrong if an important file is removed. MC has duly warned about it... but I am still advising just to be safe.
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