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Hi and welcome TheDrewMiller .

I recently decided that I was going to look into an antivirus program after finally getting TOO annoyed with the windows update icon constantly popping up telling me that I didn't have one.
So, you mean to say till now you were running the PC without an antivirus program? That was quite a mistake, I must say.

Anyways, its good now that you decided to go for an antivirus program, and you have chosen Avira... it is one of the best. The virus detection rate it offers is excellent.
An equally good choice is Avast Home. You can use any one of them.

As for antispywares, Superantispyware and MalwareBytes Antimalware... both are good. They can be used to scan the PC on-demand, on weekly basis, or as it suits you.
Spyware Blaster protects against a list of blacklisted sites, and you can use that to safeguard your system.

If you suspect you have virus and malwares lurking around in your computer... update the definitions of the antivirus, and the antispywares... and then run scans on your computer with them one by one.
Running scans with the above three should be sufficient.

Just to make sure you don't have any virus/malware, you can turn off the System Restore... because sometimes virus can keep hiding in the System Restore area, even after they have been removed from the other parts of the system, and they can strike back.
So turn off the System Restore, boot PC in safe mode, and then run the scans. Make sure you turn the System Restore back on when you are done with the scans, and when you boot in normal mode again. But mind you, all your restore points will be lost when you do this... so only do it if you want to.

If you still suspect you have virus/malware, you can post your problems in forums that let you post virus problems, and they will guide you there.

General System Maintenance:
To remove all the unnecessary junk from the computer, you can download CCleaner. It is safe and does a good job of getting rid of the junk like temporary files and other similar junk.

You can also download a software program like TreeSize, or WinDirStat... if you want to see what files or folders are occupying space on your computer, and where. They are helpful programs.

To improve performance of the computer, you can use defragment programs. There are various defragment programs out there which do a good job, and with so many choices, it all depends on your personal choice. You have installed MyDefrag, and that is certainly a good software. It has recently been given the top pick in the Best Free Disk Defragment. You can go with it. Other good choices are IObit SmartDefrag, and Defraggler.

My advice would be to stay away from the different tune-up utilities that are there, because the individual programs do better.

You can also do a registry defrag, if you want. It may improve performance a bit. Eusing offers a free registry defrag program here:

I should caution you, there are two programs... registry defrag, and registry cleaners. Do not use registry cleaners, they are unsafe. Registry defrag is quite safe, and you may use that.

As for the multiple operating systems... which other operating systems are installed besides WinXP? Are they working? You should check if they are working. I don't have much knowledge about multiple OS, but I will check if I can get any information on how to remove those.
You will have to be quite careful because you don't have WinXP CD. You should take backup of your important data on DVDs, or external drive, or pendrive before doing anything major to the system.
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