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Originally Posted by TheDrewMiller View Post
Thanks for the insight Kendall.

Earlier today I installed MyDefrag because it was rated higher in one of the discussion board here. Would you recommend that I uninstall and get SmartDefrag? I included a pic of my defrag earlier today...not sure what it means but it looks better...i think

Also, I have never used Internet Explorer I always use Firefox and installed NoScript,WOT, and Adblock Plus. They seem to be working good but the NoScript is constantly bugging me. I suppose I'll get used to it. I just hate having to Temporarily allow script all day....for multiple web pages.

I am going to install MalwareBytes and Spyware Blaster tonight. I didn't before because I figured that they would not work properly in conjunction with SuperAntiSpyware.

Thanks for your advice.

p.s. - If anyone could offer some insight as to how I can uninstall the 2 operating systems I dont use without me crashing my computer I would greatly appreciate it. lol

p.p.s - I just downloaded MalwareBytes and Spyware Blaster...Spyware Blaster seems like a protector more than a I correct? Also, what should I be aware of as far as having all these programs now? I really dont want to run into any problems with them in conjunction with eachother. Should I keep them all off and manually turn them on once a week? Keem them running? How should I prioritize these programs? Thanks!
So far I have downloaded the following :
1. Avira
2. Super Antispyware
3. MalwareBytes
4. Spyware Blaster
5. MyDefrag

If I should uninstall some or change some let me know.
I believe Smart Defrag is more user friendly while MyDefrag is more powerful.

As for NoScript, you should just allow all of your favourite sites (ex: bookmark links), instead of temporarily allowing everything. Also you may want to allow embedded media on the website such videos from

Have you read and followed this guide?:
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