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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
Deep down, you know, the Germans might be right.
Ubuntu is the way to go.

After viewing a review about Oz, the DVD just confirmed what i saw and i did not really like the grey and black mix. Ubuntu is definitely more appealing with regards to esthetics.

Still, Linux uses more CPU (talking about Ubuntu and LinuxMint) than Windows 7 64bit on an SSD.
Will try Cinnamon on Ubuntu but don't think that'll change things much.
You can of course change the themes to create a totally different look in a matter of seconds, as you can for any Linux distro.

Also, I'm always a bit perplexed when folks talk about the amount of CPU or memory being used by a particular app or OS.

I've never known a computer wear out a CPU because the installed OS was more demanding than something else, and any amount of additional power consumed would probably amount to a beer a year.

It's the same with memory unless you are trying to game or perform complex graphics edits on a low spec machine.

Worth noting too that the KDE I have installed on this desktop (Super X "Ada") uses less of both than some Xfce (as in supposedly "lighter") distros.
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