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p.p.s - I just downloaded MalwareBytes and Spyware Blaster...Spyware Blaster seems like a protector more than a I correct? Also, what should I be aware of as far as having all these programs now? I really dont want to run into any problems with them in conjunction with eachother. Should I keep them all off and manually turn them on once a week? Keem them running? How should I prioritize these programs? Thanks!
So far I have downloaded the following :
1. Avira
2. Super Antispyware
3. MalwareBytes
4. Spyware Blaster
5. MyDefrag

If I should uninstall some or change some let me know.
Spyware Blaster is indeed a "protector". Super Antispyware (SAS), MalwareBytes (MAB), Spyware Blaster, and MyDefrag are all manual or on-demand--you run them when you choose to. I run them all separately, individually, once per week or once per month (depends upon how paranoid I am that week/month). When you don't need them, don't run them. They should not be run constantly.

Avira should of course be on all the time; or what we call "resident". The other thing you haven't mentioned is a firewall. If you have a DSL or Cable router that includes a hardware firewall, then you're probably ok with the built-in windows firewall. (As long as you don't go to porn sites, warez sites, or other dangerous sites.) If you do not have a hardware firewall, then you really need a software firewall.

I have not personally used MyDefrag. If our editor here recommends it, then it's good. I personally use SmartDefrag and I really like it.

p.s. - If anyone could offer some insight as to how I can uninstall the 2 operating systems I dont use without me crashing my computer I would greatly appreciate it. lol
Maybe I missed something, but what do you mean by "the 2 operating systems I don't use"? Normally, you cannot install more than one operating system on a computer unless you dual-boot it or use some type of virtual machine.
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