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I often have a video playing while I'm working so I've found a couple of different solutions for this, depending on what browser you use.

Maxthon Portable has an integrated pop-out Flash player which works very well, you can resize it and place it where you want it. The only problem is that it doesn't work with HTML5. I don't know if they'll be fixing that at some point.

The frame/controls etc can be auto-hidden.

If you're a Firefox user then the add-on Pop Video does the same thing and works with HTML5 too. It's not been updated in over a year but everything still works except for "lite mode" which hides the controls in Youtube and so on.

Lastly you could use a desktop media player which is capable of streaming videos from the internet, e.g. VLC or SM Player (portable version if you click on "See more packages") or Pot Player (can easily be made portable) etc etc. They all have pluses/minuses but SM Player is excellent for Youtube as it has a integrated Youtube search engine.

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