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Originally Posted by George.J View Post
Here's a good article at LifeHacker that describes whether you should use code packs and the answer to all those who say that code packs haven't ruined their life.

Apart from the problems, the reason why codec packs aren't necessary is that media players have become really advanced. Take the case of PotPlayer, it's updated constantly to give you access to the latest versions of codecs and filters, while VLC & KMPlayer have proven themselves over the years. Technically PotPlayer, VLC and KMPlayer is just a media player fitted with an internal codec pack. All the points highlighted at K-Lite home and about page are already supported by PotPlayer, and even additional hardware acceleration options (Intel QuickSync and NVDIA CUDA) that K-Lite boasts about, is available in PotPlayer if you choose to install OpenCodec during installation, so I'd recommend to check to install OpenCodec during PotPlayer installation if you want more features, and also it installs/uninstalls cleanly.

As I read through various forums, many posts that I read about is users who are desperate to get their video playing properly after installing/uninstalling code packs, how they've screwed up the internal codecs, ability to generate video thumbnails etc etc. If you're not one of them you're just lucky or your time's not up yet. Microsoft themselves says that you shouldn't install 3rd party codec packs on Windows 7 and higher, because of the way they mess up with the registry.

[sorry read your specs now]

There are certain things you can do:

There's a host of audio preferences available in PotPlayer.

1. Like you reported, in MPC_HC, the problem comes when you turn on volume normalizer, you could try to disable it in PotPlayer, by right clicking on interface->Audio->Audio Processing->Uncheck Normalize

2. Try resampling the audio to a different refresh rate. Right click->Audio->Output format/Resample->Try various values that suits the video.

3. Change your audio renderer. Right click->Audio->Audio renderer.

About the stuttering problem for HD mkv videos in VLC, it's probably because of file caching parameters, and I've solved the issue in the past by going to

Tools->Preferences->In the bottom of settings window, change Show Settings to "All"->Input/Codecs from the left pane->Scroll down to Advanced->File Caching (try a higher value like 1500, 2000 or 2500)
In potplayer i unchecked normalize and it helped and in Vlc by increasing the file cache to 1000 also helped. Could you only explain why increasing the fille cache stopped the stuttering? That means that my computer is powerful enough to play hd mkv without problems right? And a few more question what player would you choose for video playback VLC or Potplayer and why? And now when i uninstalled klite which codecs should i install to have video playback in subtitle workshop or subtitle edit because with them i can synchronize subtitle with video permanently?
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