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You should be able to set your media player to only use its own internal codecs and thus operate without accessing K-Lite at all. I use K-Lite (basic) to support media previews in QTTabBar and FreeCommander, while for watching videos/playing music I mostly use Pot Player/VLC/MPC-HC/Aimp3 (all non-install versions).

I've not had any problems myself with this practise although I do find that audio sometimes crackles if my CPU is topping out for any reason.

I'll be interested too to hear how it goes for you as I've heard this argument that third-party codecs are a bad idea, though I've never had issues with running them alongside other software myself. I have had issues playing high quality videos like mkv and wmv in Pot and VLC but this persists whether or not I have other codecs installed ... enabling hardware acceleration helps a lot.

Looking at your specs you appear to have a pretty powerful rig so I expect it's just a question of correct configuration which as Anupam says, George is probably best able to help you with : )
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