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Welcome to the forum .

Does audio crackle when you play music on a music player too? Or, does it happen only with videos?

You can try uninstalling Media Player Classic, and the codec pack to see if it makes any difference.

You can also try changing the audio renderer in PotPlayer to see if that helps.

Codec packs were needed earlier, when media players did not come with the required codecs to play certain file types. But, nowadays with media players like VLC, PotPlayer, you won't need codecs. Therefore, if you install codecs, it's likely that they might interfere with the normal working of these players. So, it's better to go without codecs, unless you feel any specific need.

About your problem, I have provided solution based on my guesses. If George.J, editor of the Best Free Media Player looks at this thread, he might have more comprehensive, and accurate reply to make. So, please wait for his reply. You can also contact him via PM or email if you want... although he should reply in few time.
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