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i've tried all of these and then some. after being fed up with most, i caved in and opted for a commercial app, which i used for several months.

then i found an obscure one that's been around for a while, but doesn't get much coverage.

mbase 2

it's based on movies rather than DVDs, so while it has options to add things like format and location, it doesn't focus so much on things like edition or special features.

everything comes from IMDB, and the sidebar can link to wikipedia articles for the included movies.

great internal cross-referencing, and lots of statistics and export formats, from sexy html to basic csv.

far too many features to list here, so just check it out. no install required, and settings saved to local INI

complaints: no custom fields (author says they're coming), and quite slow (15 seconds or so per film because it grabs pics and info for actors). otherwise, it's just right!
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